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Awards Calendar

TUESDAY, APRIL 9 - Nominations Submissions Open

MONDAY, JUNE 10 - Nominations Submissions Close

TUESDAY, JULY 2 - Nominations Balloting Begins

SATURDAY, JULY 20 - Nominations Balloting Closes

TUESDAY, JULY 23 - Nominations Announced

MONDAY, AUGUST 5 - Final Balloting Open

SATURDAY, AUGUST 23 - Final Balloting Closes

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 - Awards Announced Evening Ceremony

Please Note:

A Property Master need not be a member of the Guild to submit their work. However, only members will be eligible to vote on nominations and awards.

The Event Committee holds the right to move any entry into a more appropriate category or to disqualify any submission that does not comply with the rules for each category.

If the PMG receives fewer than 5 submissions for any single category it may, at its discretion,
combine two or more categories.

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