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Our Members

168 Property Master Members

94 Active Los Angeles Based

53 Active Wider United States and Canada

19 Retired

Our Wider Audience

Website Traffic

280 Unique Visitors/Month

Social Media Reach

11,300 - Instagram 2022

176,854 - Instagram 2023

1,663 - Instagram Followers

Email List

498 Subscribers
85% Average Open Rate

13% Average Click Rate

Podcast Listeners

2,040/Month Downloads

Event Sponsors

Special thanks to our key sponsors supporting the Property Masters Guild in bringing our inaugural MacGuffin Awards to life. It is only through their generous support  that The Property Masters Guild able to fulfill its mission to elevate our craft, empower our members, and inspire future generations of Property Masters.

Sponsor Spotlights

About Wētā Workshop

Wētā Workshop brings imaginary worlds to life by delivering concept design, physical effects, collectibles, immersive visitor experiences and games to the world’s entertainment and creative industries.

From traditional handcrafts such as sword smithing, weaving and leatherwork as seen in epic films like The Lord of the Rings and Avatar series, through to innovative 3D printing, laser cutting and animatronic technologies used to create sci-fi robotics and weaponry for District 9, Elysium and The Creator, Wētā Workshop has the equipment, tech, and know-how to create it all under one roof.

On any given day, our specialised crew of talented artisans and technicians are making armies worth of
weapons and props, whilst also undertaking one off high-spec props, especially those that have a level of
interactivity, performance requirement or complexity in design, for our clients. With more than 30 years
experience in practical effects ranging from horror, through to fantasy and futuristic Sci-Fi genres,
our team have the skills and expertise to physically design and create your vision.

We can create your pieces from start to finish, with a full-service design studio on hand for concept
art and 3D modelling. Our team can also work from supplied artwork or designs to manufacture
beautifully finished pieces for your upcoming project.

Our award-winning in-house teams include 3D modelling, computer-controlled machining, model making, makeup, prosthetics manufacture, sculpting, molding, casting, painting (paint room and spray booth), costume, metalwork, animatronics, and sword smithing.

We’re proud to be a supporter of the Property Masters Guild Awards.

Follow @wetaworkshop on Instagram, FaceBook, LinkedIn and X (Twitter)


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